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Starbucks everywhere


There was a Starbucks not to far from the booth, but what is up with the price of everything almost double what it is at a normal Starbucks? And when I tried to order a Venti Americano in a Tall cup, the guy just gave me that "I'm soooo confused" look. So I tried to order it in more simple terms, "four shots with just a little water for color". This just made matters worse. In the end I just received a Venti. I as a rule don't like the Venti as it's as tall as I am and makes it hard to drink.

And in support of the glorious Hamster, please go vote for him and his new World Order at the Ellen Degeneres web site.

vote: Hamster

Write in: Wicked Hamster

As the TKW says "Vote now and Vote often"


Me said…
You mean double the already double price they charge for things?

So like... the normal grande price of $3.55 would now be about $7?

So... I'd be looking for a water fountain near the restrooms. :)
Woodchuck said…
My normal $2.00 drink was $5.00 and food that runs $1.75 to $2.80 where I live was running as much as #4.50 to $5.50.
Anonymous said…
I really don't understand how Starbucks continues to grow. They have a good product, but thier prices are top of the market and their serivice is marginal to terrible. Double the price and I'd be with Merit looking for water.

gemmak said…
Lol....I notice your link to 'Goodwood'......damn place, took me 5 hours to get home at night a few weeks back courtesy of a traffic jam as the festival of speed turned out to get home....those cars may be beautiful but some of them sure don't run on the road too well! ;o)
Anonymous said…
oh, GammaK now you are taunting the poor WC - he would find 5 hours stuck in traffic with "those" cars a religious experience LOL!

Everytime I look at this picture I think of stuffin' the WC in a Starbucks cup to see if I can get $5.50 for him . . .

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