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Road Trip

8 hours, 30 minutes --- 553.80 miles X 2= A whole lot of driving.

Right. I was not going to beat my best time this trip.

Just add in all of the ice, snow, and you have a long daily commute. Just 12 more trips like this and I should have enough miles on the steed to turn her in for a new one.

I will however miss the times we had together, the trips through Starbucks drive through, the countless hours of Heavy Metal, Punk, and Celtic folk songs being played on the stereo, and who could forget the way you power slide in the snow. Nobody can turn a cookie like you. The black paint glowing in the morning sun. I just love the way you throw snow all over Squirrels truck as you whip out of the rest area on a snowy winter afternoon.

Starbucks has the holiday ginger bread loaf out again for the season except in Montana where it should arrive today. Not on Tuesday when I was there. Love the ginger bread, it's whats for breakfast.

So I stopped in Hood River, OR. on Monday at the local Starbucks too get my drink and ginger bread. I stopped at the same Starbucks on Tuesday and the girl behind the counter says "hey, didn't you stop in yesterday on your way to Missoula"? I need to start mixing up the Starbucks that I stop at when I travel.

Did I mention that I did this in two days? What was you commute like today?


Anonymous said…
I think you have been cooped up in the truck to long. A nice rest and a little fresh air and you'll be feeling all better.

My daily commute, about 5 miles and 15-30 minutes each way. Five days a week. Then there is WH, just over 3 miles each way, 2-3 days a week, 30 weeks out of the year, and he out earns me by 20%, LIFE IS NOT FAIR!

WickedHamster said…
Except for this year, of course, where my communte consists of going up the steps and plopping my aging behind into a chair for the day. For exercise, I get the mail. What month is it???
Me said…
My commute today of course wasn't like yours - but I got enough mileage to give myself a headache. If it was straight driving it would have been much more enjoyable. Instead it was 'here' 'there' 'here' 'there' 'there' and 'there'. But 7:pm I was home... done from the dance carpool and ready for a glass of wine. ;)
Kelsgarden said…
hmmmmmm, my daily commute varies between walking downstairs and about 85 miles, depending on the daily chauffeuring -
volvomom said…
I only commute five minutes to school, unfortunately. My poor Volvo misses a long drive. However, there are some great curvy New England roads, and I am able to freak out fellow faculty members as I zoom into the parking lot.

Yeah, I give wagons a good name.
SuburbanMom said…
Daily commute: trips to preschool, target, Trader Joe's. That's pretty much it.

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