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Road Trip

8 hours, 30 minutes --- 553.80 miles X 2= A whole lot of driving. Right. I was not going to beat my best time this trip. Just add in all of the ice, snow, and you have a long daily commute. Just 12 more trips like this and I should have enough miles on the steed to turn her in for a new one. I will however miss the times we had together, the trips through Starbucks drive through , the countless hours of Heavy Metal, Punk, and Celtic folk songs being played on the stereo , and who could forget the way you power slide in the snow. Nobody can turn a cookie like you. The black paint glowing in the morning sun. I just love the way you throw snow all over Squirrels truck as you whip out of the rest area on a snowy winter afternoon. Starbucks has the holiday ginger bread loaf out again for the season except in Montana where it should arrive today. Not on Tuesday when I was there. Love the ginger bread, it's whats for breakfast. So I stopped in Hood River, OR. on Monday at the local S

THE Woodchuck podcast LIVE! Episode 32: Get Hitched! It's a long podcast, I'm the last half of the podcast. This was taped after a 10 hour day at SEMA and sitting in a hotel room while on the phone. I then went to the airport to take a midnight flight home. So, will this make a diffenence in my job, will anyone care, or will it get me a pay raise??? NO. Today may be a great day to go back to being 10 years old where I had no stress.


We sit around all winter dreaming of the sun. Then we sit around all summer long look for that first sign of winter. Enjoy the moment. It goes by way toooooooo fast. Find that perfect rock, kick back and relax.

When do you take a Vacation?

I don't really take vacations, instead I take a lot of small trips with my family. I put the two little rodents in the back and we drive and enjoy time with each other. Although no one in the family is a road warrior like me, they do enjoy the destinations. I have not taken any days off this year and will take my "Vacation time" in December and have fun with the rodents. I guess I will never understand someone who needs to leave the kids with the Grandparents and go away for two weeks to some place expensive for a break. I mean, shouldn't you home life and family be where you want to go when you need a break. However, I do understand that this does not apply to my MIL....not going there.....not going there........We teach our kids to live and breathe in this world, don't do that, don't do this. But, do we ever teach our kids to have fun. Does anyone ever say do this, do that, or run wild and have fun? Next time you are driving down the road and you pass one

Water, water every where and not a penguin in site.

Twin Falls, ID. What a great place to find a mini mart with a large selection of Rogue ales on hand. Needless to say the Squirrel and I were very happy too view the falls, have a nice dinner and then sit back in the hotel room and drink a Rogue. One should always know where the next ale can be found. I should point out that this picture was taken during the spring run off. Right now I'm home enjoying a nice cup of tea and the Squirrel is in North Dakota.

Some days

The Cat wins....

Work, Work, Work....

That is all I ever do......

Where is the Water...

As some of you may know, I was going to raft the Grand Canyon this year, 18 days of whitewater and fun. As the rest of you know, this did not happen. So I sit here at 36, 000 feet dreaming of fun in the sun and the water that was not to be. I had a much better title to this post, but due to everyone getting the wrong ideal...I changed it. I was afraid of the google search. Mt. Hood is such a wimpy mountain, but I must admit that it looked very good today flying into Portland from Phoenix, AZ. Phoenix was 80 degrees and sunny with just a slight haze. Portland is cold, raining, and there is snow in the foothills. I think I'm turning into a sun bunny.

Starbucks everywhere

SEMA.... There was a Starbucks not to far from the booth, but what is up with the price of everything almost double what it is at a normal Starbucks? And when I tried to order a Venti Americano in a Tall cup, the guy just gave me that " I'm soooo confused " look. So I tried to order it in more simple terms, "four shots with just a little water for color". This just made matters worse. In the end I just received a Venti. I as a rule don't like the Venti as it's as tall as I am and makes it hard to drink. And in support of the glorious Hamster, please go vote for him and his new World Order at the Ellen Degeneres web site. vote: Hamster Write in: Wicked Hamster As the TKW says "Vote now and Vote often"

That which is lost is sometimes found...again...

As most of you know, I like cars! Ok, maybe I'll even go as far as saying I'm obsessed with the automobile. What does the perfect call look like? This is the car of my dreams, yes one of many I know, but for this post this is the car. It's more than a car, it's a piece of art that just happens to have the sweetest exhaust note that you have ever heard. I know from talking to the builder and owner of the automobile that it would cost north of $175.000 to build this type of art work. Please note that the grab bar for the passenger is also the AC vent. How cool is that? The best part of this art work is the fact that you can drive and enjoy this on the streets. Also please take note of the fact that there is no windscreen post or trim around the glass. The windscreen is a stock glass that has been layed back 4 degrees and molded into the Fiberglas to create a very nice illusion of speed w