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It's Friday and the Big NEWS issssss......

That which was going to happen may in fact not be going to happen just yet, or maybe not at all.

Stay tuned as I will add more later today.

Let's just say that if one person in the company I work for says "yes", then the butthead I have to work with is going to be looking for a new job and the other butthead that has been with the company for 11 weeks, can you say "11 weeks" will be on the outs.

But then again, this is a large corporation, anything can happen and then again, nothing can happen.

Give me a week and I will tell you about the "11 week" guy........


Rogue Squirrel said…
The squirrel isn't going anyhwhere, does anyone know of nut friendly establishment in Fargo?
Or Sioux Falls?

I hate the Dakotas...
Anonymous said…
I've been in North and South Dakota; there certainly should be lots of "nut bars" in those two states, I'd indulge heavily if I had to spend more then a couple of days there. How suirrel friendly they are is another question, is it small game season?

Me said…
I love hearing about corporate stories... it's like passing a train wreck. You cringe and it upsets you but you can't help but want to hear.

... let me tell you about the time we lost $260,000 due to a$$holes in the corporate world with their head up their ... oh, never mind.

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