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I love the cold.

Ok, -40 below....Funny Story.

You see I was traveling through the great state of North Dakota on my way to Winnipeg, Canada when it was -40 below. I stopped to get fuel before crossing the border. While standing outside pumping the fuel my nose started to run just a little, do you see where this is going? So, not having a snot rag around I just sniffed really hard so that I could go inside to take of you see where this is going yet??? Ok, why does nobody tell you that your snot will freeze you nose shut. A little help here would have been nice. I go in side of the store and the lady behind the counter starts to chuckle and says " this happens all of the time, you must not be from around here"? She takes me around back of the counter where she has a pot of boiling water and tells me to stand there until my nose unfrozen....

ya, funny story.


Travel said…
Reminds me of Home!

Anonymous said…
Ah, the wonderful, helpful people of the northern plains, helping out a frozen stranger.

WickedHamster said…
Lived in central Minnesota for years. Been there, froze that.
Anonymous said…
PMSL that is so funny! It's hard to imagine temperatures like that coming from UK where it rarely goes below -5

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