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Celebrating squirrels new states

Mr. Squirrel has the added responsibility of North and South Dakota.

Let's all give our support and blessing as he ventures off to the great unknow in the winter months

Items that you might want to avoid:

The Snowmobile gangs...The Artic Cats vs. The Ski Doos....

This could also be the next Fast and The Furious sequel......" TTTThe FFFFast and TTThe FFFurious....This time they mean business". "It's 40 below and the lake is frozen, but the gangs are red hot"

Or it could be called "Fargo Drift"

Most import thing to remember, do not put your tongue on the flag pole.


Me said…
South Dakota in the winter.

Hmmm. Are squirrels up for this?
Anonymous said…
He will have so much fun! Nice open country, nothing for miles. Wild winter recreation, some of the best small game hunting in the country (maybe he should wear a disguise during small game season?) Don't you just wish it was you?

Rogue Squirrel said…

That's about all I can muster.
WickedHamster said…
Let's see, that would give you the territory of Rhode Island, Florida, New Jersey, Texas, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Guam, and the Dakotas? BTW, the pic of the squirrel is just beyond adorable!!!

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