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Where Woodchucks run wild...

On some days it's nice to take a little ride in a plane. Mt Rainier never looked so good and it is truly a great mountain, great ridge lines, side mountains leading up to the summit, and it overlooks Seattle with authority. If and when you ever get to Seattle you must go up to the top of the Space Needle and view the mountain. I also recommend that you take a day and visit the mountain in person. A must see is the high lakes at the summit of HWY 410. Pack a picnic lunch and a Rogue and enjoy, just don't make any noise as this place is quiet and should remain that way.

I love the cold.

Ok, -40 below....Funny Story. You see I was traveling through the great state of North Dakota on my way to Winnipeg, Canada when it was -40 below. I stopped to get fuel before crossing the border. While standing outside pumping the fuel my nose started to run just a little, do you see where this is going? So, not having a snot rag around I just sniffed really hard so that I could go inside to take of you see where this is going yet??? Ok, why does nobody tell you that your snot will freeze you nose shut. A little help here would have been nice. I go in side of the store and the lady behind the counter starts to chuckle and says " this happens all of the time, you must not be from around here"? She takes me around back of the counter where she has a pot of boiling water and tells me to stand there until my nose unfrozen.... ya, funny story.

Celebrating squirrels new states

Mr. Squirrel has the added responsibility of North and South Dakota. Let's all give our support and blessing as he ventures off to the great unknow in the winter months Items that you might want to avoid: The Snowmobile gangs...The Artic Cats vs. The Ski Doos.... This could also be the next Fast and The Furious sequel......" TTTThe FFFFast and TTThe FFFurious....This time they mean business". "It's 40 below and the lake is frozen, but the gangs are red hot" Or it could be called "Fargo Drift" Most import thing to remember, do not put your tongue on the flag pole.

It's Friday and the Big NEWS issssss......

That which was going to happen may in fact not be going to happen just yet, or maybe not at all. Stay tuned as I will add more later today. Let's just say that if one person in the company I work for says "yes", then the butthead I have to work with is going to be looking for a new job and the other butthead that has been with the company for 11 weeks, can you say "11 weeks" will be on the outs. But then again, this is a large corporation, anything can happen and then again, nothing can happen. Give me a week and I will tell you about the "11 week" guy........

crunching spiders screaming woodchuck

When I was in Southern CA last week I had the opporunity to take a fabulous bike ride off trail in a 1,300 acre park just south of Diamond Bar. The weather was wonderful, the smog had blown out and you could actually see the San Gabriel Mountains. Before heading out I checked with the local ranger and reviewed all the pertinent cougar and bear survival literature, in addition to a quick snake review. Dude, I was ready! The park was gorgeous and it was kickin' my butt on those trails! The first trail was the ridge trail, which was a 2,000 ft climb over 5 miles. Ouch. Pretty soon a came to straight away and I was trekking downhill - no stoppin' me now! Crap! It looks like poop on the trail. You know like piles of little critter dung. As I get closer I notice the piles are lookin' a bit furry. And scattering from the trail where they were sunning themselves. Now, I am not kiddin', they were covering the entire path for at LEAST 100 feet and the grass was over 5

Wild cow and Druish Deities

I have been blessed with being able to drive some of the most unbelievable roads ever paved. Last week I found myself on HWY 108 in Central California. 130 Miles 26% grade 9624 at the summit 4 hours to drive this route This photo is looking west just down from the summit. I could live here with the wild cows. A lone wild cow at the 9000 foot level just making sure that nobody is speeding along.