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So, what car would you buy your kid???

There seems to be a general discussion running rampant around here about what type of car you should by a kid. And when said car should appear around the house. As I only have 4 years to pull this off, better start now.

Things to consider before buying the car:

1. DD must complete 12 hours of flight time before taking test for permit.

2. Complete at least one driving school, Skip Barber , Bondurant Racing School , and so on.

3. DD must be able to change a tire, change the oil, do basic maintance on the car. I would like them to be able to strip down an engine and do a rebuild , however that may be just to much at this point.

4.DD must understand that I will not under any circumstance have or allow a pink car to park in front of my house. Cars come in four colors only, Red, Blue, Black, and British Racing Green.

5. Just what is the perfect Horse power to weight ratio?

6. Only one passenger in the car at a time. This is a good argument for a older British sports car that only has two seats.

7. DD must be able to pay for her own insurance and fuel.

I'm sure that I will come up with more as time goes by. This is a very special thing that a father and daughter get to do together. Only four years, so little time and so much to do.

Cars to consider:

'60-'69 Mini Cooper, '62 Impala SS (283 or 327 car), '70-'73 TR6, '64-'69 MGB, '68 Riley Elf, '62 Belair,


Kelsgarden said…
I think first car is going to start with GMC or Toyota . . .

I know it hurts, say it with me toy-o-ta

ki-a {running like hell}
Anonymous said…
My first car (supplied by dear old Dad) was a slightly rust, 11 year old Ford pick-up truck. It had been my grandfathers' (before he forgot when and how to shift gears.) My grandfather being the trifty type, it had bought it new with the smallest straight 6 that Ford ever made and a three speed manual transmision, a combination that kept me under 60 miles an hour no matter how hard I tried. It had no back seat, and a rusty bed, I think this was part of my father's secret plot to keep from being called Grampa before his time (mission accomplished.) I had not completed the basic maintence training and the oil did become a problem. About a mile up the road on the way to school one morning the hydrolic valve lifters started to explode one after another. We were never sure if it was the the lack of oil, or the fact that it had not been changed in a couple of years, but it started making some really strange sounds (we did repare it and the last I knew it was still being driven, thankfully by someone else.) With gas at $3.00 a gallon, old pick-up trucks are down in price right now. How many do you need to find?

WickedHamster said…
Keep the figs.
Me said…
Minicoopers are too small and unsafe. Must have a "larger" car. :)
Bert said…
41 and still don't own a car. Kids these days...don't know they are born.
Kelsgarden said…
WC - send the kids to Bert -
Anonymous said…
I'm fond of the M1 Abrams, but if you want to go retro I'm sure the 'lil 'chucks would look chic in a Sherman...
Kelsgarden said…
geez, I HAVE GOT to start ghost writing your blog from the phone calls - so much fodder, so little time . . .

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