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1st car?

So, what did you drive to High School, what was your first car? Did you have a 'love of you life" car?

First Car:
1953 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

Cars I drove to High School:
1953 Caddillac Coupe DeVille
1962 Impala SS Convertable
1971 Corvette Convertable
1960 Austin Healy Convertable
1964 Cadillac Eldorado convertable

"Love of my life" car:
1962 Impala SS Convertable
1960 Austin Healy convertable


WickedHamster said…
Ahem... You drove a 'vette in high school!?!? Is that when Ms. Chuck fell for you?
Woodchuck said…
No, even with a vette she would not have talked too me in High School. As a point the vette would have just made it worse. I was all about cars, football, and cheerleaders. Well, she would have looked at that as "three strikes, your out" type of thing.
WickedHamster said…
Hmmmm... She didn't end up duct-taped to a flagpole at one point, did she???
Woodchuck said…
I didn't know Ms Chuck then, however she would have been a prime candidate.
WickedHamster said…
Great to see you like your new title!
Kelsgarden said…
and all I got was viceroy of manitoba . . . {sulking}
WickedHamster said…
I'll add Alberta once the conquest has been completed. Feel better?
Kelsgarden said…
well, uh, I was thinkin' something a bit more tropical - yer kinda feeding this ice queen theory now aren't you?
WickedHamster said…
Tyrantess of Guatemala?
Kelsgarden said…
oooh, I like that one - especially the tyrantess part ;)

lots of coffee

and I'll help you research that Mayan/christian syncretism
Me said…
With this post we give away our ages. :)

I drove a 1982 Datsun 210 Sport until I went babysitting one night and returned to find a Cadillac in our driveway. My Dad had sold my car to use the money to put down a payment towards a new Cadillac for himself.
Kelsgarden said…
oh Mer that's aweful!

And I'm not even mentioning what I drove to HS now! Oh, wait! It was public transportation!
Anonymous said…
1965 Ford F-100 pick-up truck (in the mid 1970's.) It was quite hideous, faded to pink, three speed manual, the smallest 6 cylander that Ford made. It was followed by a series of Oldsmobiles, a VW Rabbit Diesel, LeCar, a couple of Toypta Corrolas, a Civic, a Mazda wagon, three Accords (all new and all bought within a four year period of time,) a Saturn, and soon to be followed by a ?????? (I think a Cadillac that is part of an estate, several years old with only 11,000 miles on it)

Favorite car, probably WH's little tyrant mobile.

WickedHamster said…
Awww! He says the sweetest things about my cute little Imperial Hamster Coach!
Kelsgarden said…
well, there are a lot of people hanging out here today and not getting much work done ;)
Woodchuck said…
Hey Meritt,
Just for the record, I was not...NOT 16 in 1953. I was asked to leave High School...ok, graduated in 1982. Which was prior to Ms. Woodchuck matriculation
Me said…
(woodchuck says that QUITE LOUDLY so to be sure I hear....)

Imperial Hamster Coach? Bah ha ha.
WickedHamster said…
A cute little red Mercedes coupe, just right for little hamster paws.
Unknown said…
Dude, those are all so much cooler than my Chevy Cavalier that I drove to high school.

It was blue and sounded like a tin can when you slammed...I mean shut the door.

Come to think of it, I don't mean to be telling horror stories here, but one time I had a friend who had a woodchuck living under the hood of his car...I can't remember if the little guy was OK, but I think he did get injured somehow.

I really need to lay off the hard mind is growing feeble.
Bert said…
I got the bus to school.

I got my first car (used, from my brother) when I was in my early 30's. It got stolen from outside our flat soon after. I got my second car (used, from Someone's brother) a few years later. We crashed it soon after.

We hire cars now.

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