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dreaming of a new toy..

Now that I have a new TV and such... It's time to start looking for the new toy to work for. And this would be a fun little car for the little woodchucks to drive as they get older.

Dreaming of Flying

Ford Tri-Motor. Just look at the head room. Dreaming of a P-51. If only I had a spare 3-4 million for a new toy. It's even glorious on the ground. Just how cool is this Beech?

As good as I think it is???

CHIA (Central Hamster Intelligence Agency; pun intended) possible puns: Chia pet Chia hat Aztec Goddess Aztec Goddess wearing a chia hat holding a chia pet while holding a keg of I2PA up like the world on her sholder, all the time riding with a Scotsman on a horse

Madison, WI.

The whole theme today was a Woodchuck and his ale. I found a nice little place in downtown Madison, WI. called the Great Dane Pub & Brewing Company. This was one of the best IPAs I've had east of the Rockies. Fun little place to go and the food was not to bad either. Traveling the Globe...ok, just the North American continent in search of the perfect pint on IPA. Hops, they are not just for breakfast anymore.

Starting to assemlble the fleet..

So many Automobiles to aquire and so little time..... Aston Martins, Jaguars, and Ferrari...Oh, My.

1st car?

So, what did you drive to High School, what was your first car? Did you have a 'love of you life" car? First Car: 1953 Cadillac Coupe DeVille Cars I drove to High School: 1953 Caddillac Coupe DeVille 1962 Impala SS Convertable 1971 Corvette Convertable 1960 Austin Healy Convertable 1964 Cadillac Eldorado convertable "Love of my life" car: 1962 Impala SS Convertable 1960 Austin Healy convertable

This is Spinal Tap

Sure they go to "11", so what if they had an issue in Cleveland, and what if their biggest hit was called "Sex Farm", but can you really call what they play music? You are darn right you can! So here I am driving around and I find one of my all time top band for ever shown on a lunch box left out in the rain. Doing what any fan would do, photo opp.

Flying High

Not what you were thinking.... After getting through the TSA security lines, I managed to pop out of my travel bag for a little look around. I just love to fly, the view is just wonderful most of the time. But, I must admit that 7 hours sitting on an airplane can be just a little to much at times. So, my big questions for the week are this: why does everyone think that the new TSA rules about what you can and can not bring on to the airplane does not include them? Why does everyone think that the little luggage size thingy, "your bag must fit into here" is just a suggestion? My thoughts on the subject, if you can not lift your own bag, check it. If you have to have 3 people try to push it into the overhead storage compartment, check it. If the peanut pusher(flight attendant) says that it should be checked, check it. And most important of all, if I'm on the airplane, check it. You just don't want to piss me off. Thank you and good night.

Where oh Where has the Woodchuck been?

In frell'n HOT HOT Florida. This is just not a good place to be in the summer with a fur coat. I've been here since last Monday and leave today, that is depending on my flight not being canceled. Warning Warning to the little Woodchucks, Dad's coming home, let the fun begin.

So, what car would you buy your kid???

There seems to be a general discussion running rampant around here about what type of car you should by a kid. And when said car should appear around the house. As I only have 4 years to pull this off, better start now. Things to consider before buying the car: 1. DD must complete 12 hours of flight time before taking test for permit. 2. Complete at least one driving school, Skip Barber , Bondurant Racing School , and so on. 3. DD must be able to change a tire, change the oil, do basic maintance on the car. I would like them to be able to strip down an engine and do a rebuild , however that may be just to much at this point. 4.DD must understand that I will not under any circumstance have or allow a pink car to park in front of my house. Cars come in four colors only, Red, Blue, Black, and British Racing Green. 5. Just what is the perfect Horse power to weight ratio? 6. Only one passenger in the car at a time. This is a good argument for a older British sports car that only ha