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My computer is dead....

My computer is dead and has been sent to the IT department for a nice tune up and glossed over it still don't work right stamp of approval. I now have a "post it" size computer on loan from the IT department that works just fine execpt for one small, little, hardly noticable , not really an issue, itsy bitsy, tiny problem.......It does not have power point on it.

Why does this matte you ask? Let me explain.

I'm working on a power point project that is three presentations that total 200+ slides that are due on Friday of this week, YES, Friday of this week and my normal computer will not be back until Friday of this week!!!!!!!!!

So, I'm doing the only thing that I can do, drinking a Yellow Snow Ale from Rogue. I had a Black Soba before that and I might just have to break into the "father- inlaw decoy" beer.

Oh wait, DW just found a Stone IPA in the cold box. I would jump for joy, but I would most likely fall over. It was hidden behind the Celery, I would have never looked there.


Kelsgarden said…
it's so cute - it looks like Barbie's computer - except it isn't pink . . . and Barbie probably has Power Point
Anonymous said…
Oh I feel for you. Last year both my home and office computers died within 2 months. My home computer died at 9:30 on a Friday night at the start of a weekend that I had about 10 hours of power point preparation to do. By Noon on Saturday I had bought and set up a replacement with a free trial of Microsoft Office. It saved my weekend!

Anonymous said…
Hey, I have a Barbie computer from our fine company. You get use to the glitter and a sprinkles over time. Man up and drink 2 I2PA's and you'll never know what hit you....
Kelsgarden said…
ha! you got that rodent virus too ;)

once you get the Squirrel there is no hope!
Me said…
I have Windows Office sitting here in front of me with power point on it... I'd let you use it if I could.



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