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It's official,sort of official..Mostly official

We made our second quarter bonus.....

So, I'm sitting here planning 5 very large training sessions around the country and Canada. I've been working on this project for about 4 months now and as most of you who know me...I do not have a clue as to what I'm doing. These training sessions should be for about 150 to 200 people which should be no problem as the largest group I've had so far is about 360 people. I'm not bad with the smoking mirrors and "you didn't see anything" type of stuff. The problem is this, it's like throwing a summer party and then running around hoping that someone, anyone, at least one person shows up. And everyone knows how hard it is to to plan a party at your house, now plan one on the other side of the country, or even in another country all together.

The agenda, glad you asked. I will be talking to people for about 6 hours total on the proper use of duct tape, red vs that's not it, crap, I will come up with something, I always do. I get to discuss the different types of 5th wheels, Weight Distributing hitches and sway controls that are out in the market place, and the pros and cons of each. Now the hard part, make them believe that I know everything, wait I have a title for that, so I'm good to go.

Enter stag left, Mama Carol. We have this person that I get to work with- and she is great...did I mention great...super great(to be said in a Cartman voice). If I make it through the next few months, thank you Carol.

Note to self...send Chocolate. Not by the bar, but by the pound.

So where do I get to travel in the next 4 months?
Toronto, Canada
Tampa, Florida
Plymouth, MI.
San Diego, California
Dallas, Texas
Goshen, Indiana
Tekonsha, MI.

Bottom line: I'm traveling to Beer and Starbucks is going to suck!


Kelsgarden said…
look, corn!
Kelsgarden said…
oh, wait - look, corn!
Me said…
I think that sounds fun actually! Both the planning and the training.

As for the places you'll be? Ummm, Tampa is cool. ;)
Anonymous said…
Hey, Toronto (as long as it's not winter) and San Diego (anytime) are not to be complained about. Very, very cool cities, which as I recall posess a variety of beers and Starbuckses. The other locales are the price the cosmos exacts for getting to go to nice cities. Mmmmm! Michigan! The Monaco of the Great Lakes.

If you're nice to DG, he'll tell you how to survive and, indeed, triumph with such things. He does them all the time all over the country on topics that make the plug and black box look like child's play -- no offense, but we're talkin' Medicare prescription benefits and such! Things of genuinely fiendish complexity!

Good luck, furry little woodland creature!
Kelsgarden said…
believe me - WC can talk for 6-8 hours straight and entertain the troops - he is used to flying around doing that -

the challenging part for him right now has been negotiating facilities, catering, choosing marketing items, coordinating delivery of displays for each region - all of the logistical items

he usually just swoops in spreading fear and discontent - and leaves it for the sales guys to clean up (that was for you squirrel)

(he talks about electrical engineering and structural engineering for the RV market - and next time you see a geezer pulling a 5th wheel that is actually hooked up correctly you can thank him for making the roads safe for roadkill everywhere)
Anonymous said…
Oooo, more corn!
Anonymous said…
Michigan twice in one year, you are being punished for something. Someone else gets stuck with the logistics on most of my adventures. The planning coordinator is pleased that I will email her with what airline flights I want, and that I have checked to make sure they are within a few dollars of the cheapest way to get there (the bigger the sponsor, the tighter the travel people can be.) Now in South Carolina I shared the stage with a homocide detective that brought pictures of the objects of his investigations, he was a tough act to follow (but he did give me a copy of his pictures to use in one of my lectures . . . elder abuse . . . not Medicare.) It will be a great advetnure, Tampa is ok, San Diego is wonderful!

Keep us up to date and keep my clients towing safely!

Bert said…

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