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It seemed like a good ideal at the time...

The question has been asked and needs to be answered:

So, you all know the type in high school, the "Jock". The Jocks ran my school like so many school around the country. And, of course, football players topped that heirarchy of the teen stratusphere. And this might come as a huge surprise to most, but I played Football. I had social responsibilities to up hold and order to maintain on campus.

You might say we were the police, the law and order of the school. We patrolled the halls with an iron fist. The stoners stayed well behaved. The nerds were well protected in exchange for homework. Life was good.

Then one sunny spring day a nice little "Miss Gloria Steinem wanna be," who wrote for the school paper, decides to write a story questioning the authority of the Football team. In this situation, most people would of course write a rebuttal. And this is exactly what we would have done, had any of us on the Football team been able to write. No luck on this one.

However, we HAD to do something to maintain our leadership in the school and send a strong message to anyone fool enough to take on the "law" of the school. We decided that a public show was needed to set things straight.

On a very nice and sunny spring day, a day that was not too hot nor cold, but just right. We took little "Miss Gloria Steinem wanna be" from the tennis courts, where she had PE, and escorted her to the flag pole at the front of the school. Now our intent was just to duct tape her hands behind her, leaving her wrapped around the flag pole for everyone to see. But, little "Miss Gloria Steinem wanna be" just would not hold still, she was jumping around, hitting her head on the pole, and trying to kick us. Overall, just not being very nice at the moment - or safe. We did the only thing that seemed right at the time, cut her loose, noooooo. We pre-wrapped and bound her from head to her toes. Now she could not hurt herself. We were a very caring group of guys. Did I mention that we did pre-wrap? Nice I'm telling you, nice to a fault we were.

We left her there for about 20-30 minutes before the school vice principal looked out his window and went and cut her loose.

{Cut to the principle office the next day} Little "Miss Gloria Steinem wanna be" and her mother were rather upset. There was yelling of removal from school, community service, or both. However, the father thought it was very funny and being a former Football player himself, said it was all in fun and games and she had it coming anyway. Yes, rural town. But you got that part already - right.

Moral of the story, 10 hours of community service was so well worth it...


Kelsgarden said…
this is where you all understand the divine intervention of WC having 2 daughters, especially THESE two!

And, of course, getting stuck with me to influence them! LOL!
Bert said…
Me said…
Can you even IMAGINE this today? POLICE would be called, charges pressed, suspension from school, probably even call it "sexual harassment" of some form or another.... a huge OUTRAGE.

... gosh I wish it was still 'back then'.

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