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So, just what do you see when you are working?

So, the technicians ask me "what is that plug for"? "What is that big box for"?

Me, how the hell should I know...Do I look like I'm a trainer...Crap, that is what I'm supposed to do..

So, what do I tell everyone:

"The plug is for the lowside switching accessory package and the black box is part of the EVAP system, don't touch either of them".

Damn, I'm good.


Anonymous said…
I am GENUINELY impressed! And I should tell you that I am a world-class master in obfuscating ignorance (remember, I pass myself of as a professor for a living). But do tell me... just what the hell am I looking at in those pix???
Woodchuck said…
The underside of a Toyota FJ.

I will let you know as soon as I find out what the plug and black box are for.

baffle them with BS I always say...
Anonymous said…
WC: "Don't touch either of them."

Tech: "Why? What'll happen?"

WC: "The wheels will fall off."
Anonymous said…
You haven't exceeded your yearly budget of smoke and mirrors yet?

Wow, this furry woodland creature is good...
Bert said…
You can say whatever the heck you want as long as it ends `BUT DON'T TOUCH EITHER OF THEM...' with slightly sinister undertones.

I just had a funny turn at Kel's.
Unknown said…
I thought you just stuck the key in and it made the car go vrooommm!

Sometimes I'm such an idiot.

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