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Back on the road...Again

Yaaaaaa.....Sing with me.." on the road again, I'm on the road again..."

I'm taking the black stead out of moth balls on Monday and hitting the road. Just a short trip to Fresno, CA. and Sacramento, CA. for the week.

It's been a busy past couple of weeks. I started selling my toys on ebay....$1200 for 135 Hotwheels, I should have done this a few years ago. I only have 1500 more Hotwheels to go and then I will have a large dent into the toy mess. And maybe my garage back as well.

Started riding my bike again last week. I did 25 mile today and won't be able to sit for a day or two. I have a nice Kona full suspension bike that is sooooo nice to ride. Fat furry woodland creatures need all the help we can get.

Update on the nickname "Tweek". I like it and have even changed my caller ID on my cell phone to say "Tweek" when he calls.

Squirrel is having an open hole this weekend. He is going to have a keg of Yellow Snow Ale from Rogue Ales on tap...Gotta love the squirrel, that little party animal. Rumor has it that he is putting out a tray of pickled Herring just in case anyone drops by.

More later.


Anonymous said…
"Yellow Snow Ale"? For some odd reason, that sounds less than appetizing. But then, hamsters are fussy... Travel will no doubt much appreciate squirrel's kind thoughtfulness.
Travel said…
Herring, did someone say pickled herring? I'll start flying in your direction as fast as I can . . . oh well . . . the water route will take a few days and pickled herring is like smoked eel it only lasts so long in the sunshine, just ask wickedhamster.
Kelsgarden said…
you told me that they were serving the juniper pale ale that I like . . .

the whole yellow snow marketing thing, while amusing, troubles me

I will attempt to suppress my excitement over the recent (and future) eBay sales . . . {doing a happy dance in the corner}
Woodchuck said…
Yellow Snow Ale=Juniper Pale Ale

Marketing told them that they could never sell anything with the name of Yellow Snow Ale....I hate marketing.
Anonymous said…
Long live the Yellow Snow!!! I shall throw nuts at those marketing clowns and leave little "squirrel presents" in their shoes.

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