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Life on the road......can just suck....

But today...not so much.... It's good to get the free upgrades in hotel rooms . It's been a very long week so far. Lot's and lot's and lot's of driving with someone else at the wheel. As some of you may know, this is not a good thing. Finding a nice bed at the end of the day can make all of the diffence as to whether or not I'm just going to one little cranky woodland creature the next day. Recap of the week so far: Miles driven..unknow as I'm not driving Starbucks.... 0 as I'm not driving Cranky factor...."HIGH" as I'm not driving I want my trusty steed, the wind in my fur...........It's been a very long week.

Thinking cool thoughts

It's over 100 today, with all of the fur, I'm trying to think cool thoughts. A cool IPA with friends.... So I fly to San Diego on Monday, is that jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire type of thing? It's hot, really hot in Southern CA right now and I'm going to be working with technicians out in shops with no AC...crap.... I guess I should not complain as it appears that we now have their weather now too. I love Alaska Airlines...upgrade to first class.....It makes the flight so much better. Congrats to little Squirrel who has his new steed to drive now...Looking sharp little woodland creature.

Dreaming the day away

Just sitting around dreaming of flying to somewhere sunny.... Just can't seem to get to work...... at the airport no less.

And for you Bert, My little corner of the yard..

I have a really green paw, ya know.

While visiting some friends

I noticed a strong family resemblance to another feathered creature....

Back on the road...Again

Yaaaaaa.....Sing with me.." on the road again, I'm on the road again..." I'm taking the black stead out of moth balls on Monday and hitting the road. Just a short trip to Fresno, CA. and Sacramento, CA. for the week. It's been a busy past couple of weeks. I started selling my toys on ebay....$1200 for 135 Hotwheels, I should have done this a few years ago. I only have 1500 more Hotwheels to go and then I will have a large dent into the toy mess. And maybe my garage back as well. Started riding my bike again last week. I did 25 mile today and won't be able to sit for a day or two. I have a nice Kona full suspension bike that is sooooo nice to ride. Fat furry woodland creatures need all the help we can get. Update on the nickname " Tweek ". I like it and have even changed my caller ID on my cell phone to say "Tweek" when he calls. Squirrel is having an open hole this weekend. He is going to have a keg of Yellow Snow Ale from Rogue Ales