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Update on nickname

So far, Tweek is working for everyone. However I must admit the Tweek does not think it's so funny. I guess that is one reason why it is working.

Things that Tweek "Tweeks" on
Expense checks
Sales Calls
Fill rate
Customer service or the lack there of.
Why Rogue is the best ales ever.

And the list goes on. You just have to love the Tweek. Every team should have at least one Tweek to harass during the week.

Best Tweek moment: When we ordered a patch kit for his girl friend.


Kelsgarden said…
another reason why "fluffy" was workin'
Woodchuck said…
It was just hard to say "fluffy" in mixed company.
Anonymous said…
Forgive my dullness, but somehow I lost track of just what (or who) we are nicknaming. Clue me in? Thanks!
Woodchuck said…
Ok, so I forgot to add the link.

Tweek is a person that I work with.
Anonymous said…
My buddy Edgar Martinez would say...

"That's not right..."

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