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Good day...Bad day...

Good Day.
Today is my birthday and I'm posting half tanked from my free 1/2 yard of brutal bitter from Rogue Ales. I also am sporting a new t-shirt from Rogus as well. Why do I have this moment to share with everyone? Because Rogue gives this to everyone on their Birthdays.

I am that magical number that is the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

I spent a wonderful evening with my wife. Had Birthday cake. Life is good.

Bad News.
Brew Dog is no longer with us. This is a sad day for the Rogue family. I'm sure that Brew Dog is in heaven taunting us with his ales.

Rest in peace my friend.


Anonymous said…
Brewdog, rest in peace my furry little brother. I've tipped some Brutal for you my friend.
Travel said…
Me said…
That really should have been two seperate posts! That's not fair that my "Happy Birthday" shall go on the same post as my 'rest in peace' brew dog comment as well.

But - you started it. :)

so? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!
Bert said…
ER...I'm not quite sure what any of that was about but I gather you are 24 (again) and I'm glad you had a happy one.
Woodchuck said…
Love the Brew Dog.
Anonymous said…
LOVE the new woodchuck pic! Did you take it? And we've not heard much lately from you either, O famed rodent.

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