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Good day...Bad day...

Good Day. Today is my birthday and I'm posting half tanked from my free 1/2 yard of brutal bitter from Rogue Ales . I also am sporting a new t-shirt from Rogus as well. Why do I have this moment to share with everyone? Because Rogue gives this to everyone on their Birthdays. I am that magical number that is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. I spent a wonderful evening with my wife. Had Birthday cake. Life is good. Bad News. Brew Dog is no longer with us. This is a sad day for the Rogue family. I'm sure that Brew Dog is in heaven taunting us with his ales. Rest in peace my friend.

Update on nickname

So far, Tweek is working for everyone. However I must admit the Tweek does not think it's so funny. I guess that is one reason why it is working. Things that Tweek "Tweeks" on Expense checks Sales Calls Fill rate Customer service or the lack there of. Why Rogue is the best ales ever. And the list goes on. You just have to love the Tweek. Every team should have at least one Tweek to harass during the week. Best Tweek moment: When we ordered a patch kit for his girl friend.


I'm a hiding Oh, crap..They found me!!!! Did someone say "TOGA..TOGA...." and yes, I am a true toga master...look no underwear...

When traveling with the kids

When you have a 10 hour drive with your little varmits. Find a place to hide away... Any place will do. I love my little varmits, just sometimes I could ...well put them back. I think they get this from their mother's side.

It's all about the water

View from the deck. Ok, view from the deck of the hotel. On the road again, headed to sunny California. Details to follow....


Why is it so hard to come up with a nickname for some people? Names that we have come up with so far: Little Roller Fluffy...I'm not going to explain this one. BBB....Barbeque,beer, and boosting None of these have seemed right. He knows everything, sort of a Cliff from Cheers type. Except that he is not alway right and will never admit it to anyone. I think that we are going to test drive "Tweek" for 30 days and see what happens. 30 days or your money back.

Do not try this at home....

Life is a blog...the trick is to avoid letting someone blog about you.... Only real furry woodland creatures drink Rogue I2PA or Brutal Bitter. I've always said that Miller was a bad thing, not really beer, more of a bottle of colored water. As a side note...Most Opossum are in a 12 step program by their two's or so. Photo is courtesy of Meritt . And yes, I do have the express written consent of Meritt and the National Football league.

No, it really is me...

Some people fish for Musky, some travel for fun....Me, I use to play on the water. Get hauled off the side of the river by one little Coast Guard flying machine and you are grounded. It probable did not help that I lost the boat too. Words of wisdom...If the river you are on increases in flow by a factor of 5 or more...Stay on the bank and drink a nice IPA.