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To recap...

Kalispell, MT. 6am "check"

need Starbucks, and no local coffee shops open at this time of the day......"check"

Sit in St Regis, MT for one hour on a lame #$% conference call....."CHECK"

Drop off Secret Squirrel at his hole in North Seattle at 2pm....."check"

Pick up the little rodents in Vancouver, WA. at 6pm...."check"

Stops at starbucks...2

Fuel stops.....2

Weather....snow, sun, rain, sleet, hail

temp range....10-51 degrees.

Black white with dirt.

Total miles.... 758

Total miles since this little 5 week tour started.....5500 miles. That rounds out to 74 hours driving at 75 mph.
I need to get a new butt, this one is numb.


Kelsgarden said…
hey Elleah will help you with that new butt . . .

save my lazy . . .

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