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On the frelling road again...

come on you know the words..."On the frelling road again". Yes, that means that I'm traveling and looking for road kill everywhere.

It seems that I have a five week road trip, thanks to my DW for pointing that one out to me, as I was living in denial and thinking that it was only three. Three, five, it's all the frelling same to me.

My only break in this mess was to come home during week three and have 4 days home, but nooooooooo. Mr. I'm going to cry to my boss, asswipe from one of our company's biggest customers just made that a "not going to happen" thing. Why is it that you have protocol's in place and some larger than life dipshit thinks that it does not apply to him? Well, thanks to Mr. I'm going to cry to my boss I now have to stay in central CA and work instead of coming home. You try to schedule yourself out at least eight weeks and when someone wants you to change your schedule for a bogus reason and you tell them no, I won't cost the company a lot of money just because you are a frelling idiot, and they get mad.WTF....I hear that San Francisco is nice this time of year and there is a Rogue Pub there as well. I might try some other places to hang out at as well.

Week two I have to deal with Mr. Dickhead from the company I work for. Three days of total bliss and holding your tongue. This guy is great for not telling you what he wants, and telling you what you did wrong when you do it anyway. I think every company has a few guys like this, I just seem to be able to piss them off faster than most furry little animals. I really love my job, I'd love it even more if I could just not have to deal with this guy. Maybe I should send a Amway sales person to see him, he just might find his true calling.

So, Monday is the day I start another 1200 mile drive in one and half days. I tell most people that I have a corner office with a rotating window view and I don't have to worry about having the radio up to loud and pissing off the jackass in the cubicle next to me. My office is wherever my cell phone is. However, I do miss the water cooler gossip and the "did you see what so and so wore to work today" crap. I'm thinking that if we could cut he politics and gossip out of work we could all go to a three day work week with August off and still get more actual work done.

So, five weeks and the following cities:
Santa Clarita
Palm Springs
Santa Rosa
San Francisco
And many more points to small too mention. And yes, I will be driving to all of these in my little chev PU. I figure about 1100 miles per week.
324 gallons of fuel
2 oil changes on the road
78.57 hours of driving at 70 MPH not including fuel stops, food, pit stops and stuff.
78.57=3.27 days
3 cases of water
untold stops a Starbucks for caffeine
Stops at all road side history markers(even if I have already read them before)

By the way, my longest drive so far has been from Madison, WI. to Billings, MT. in one day and my best drive was Vancouver, WA. to Salt Lake City, UT. in 10.5 hours including fuel stops and pit stops and food. I also made it from Vancouver, WA. to Winnipeg, Mantoba during a January snow storm in 2.5 days.



Anonymous said…
Kelsgarden said…
crap - I'm buying paint and tearing up the house if I have 5 weeks . . .

that exterior paint job almost had you fooled . . . but you recognized the cats in the window

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