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Update on Mr. I'm going to cry to my boss...

Ok, so Mr. I'm going to cry to my boss went to his boss to get his way because I had scheduled myself out 10 weeks and would not just jump to his every whim, got my schedule changed for a 2 hour training session. Please refer back a few days for the full story. Well now the training session is for only one hour, one mind blooooowing, M#$%^%$##$%%$$$ hour. I have to hang out for one day with nothing to do because of one hour. And the best part, the company I work for just sent Mr. I'm going to cry to my boss to a 3 day training session so that he could do small training like this himself. What a waste of time on everyone's part. So what does this all mean? I will show up for my one hour and leave. I will not stay longer than one hour. I will not leave before one hour is up. I will make everyone stay and listen to me talk for one hour. I will tell everyone to stuff it up their a$$ and make them like it and be happy to do it. I'm going to my happy place now.

Skip to day 5

I'm home....... The Squirrel was there to pick my furry fat butt up at the airport and deliver me to my front door. I fly back to 70 degree sunny CA on Monday and drive to Phoenix that afternoon. Thursday: miscellaneous crap Friday: 1100 miles on a plane No food as I'm going to go see the Dr. Quack and have my blood checked. I feel lost without my truck I want food and CAFFEINE!!!! I woke up today at 3am to go to the airport for a 6am departure.(one hour drive to the airport) I'm taking a nap.

Day One

I have managed to travel 710 miles today. Total time: 12 hours Total time on the road: 10 hours Stops at Starbucks: 1 Fuel Stops: 3 ( I have a full tank to start tomorrows trip) Total work emails today: 47 Total pit stops: TMI Tomorrows trip is a mere 300 miles with a training session thrown in just for fun. TTFFN

On the frelling road again...

come on you know the words..."On the frelling road again". Yes, that means that I'm traveling and looking for road kill everywhere. It seems that I have a five week road trip, thanks to my DW for pointing that one out to me, as I was living in denial and thinking that it was only three. Three, five, it's all the frelling same to me. My only break in this mess was to come home during week three and have 4 days home, but nooooooooo. Mr. I'm going to cry to my boss, asswipe from one of our company's biggest customers just made that a "not going to happen" thing. Why is it that you have protocol's in place and some larger than life dipshit thinks that it does not apply to him? Well, thanks to Mr. I'm going to cry to my boss I now have to stay in central CA and work instead of coming home. You try to schedule yourself out at least eight weeks and when someone wants you to change your schedule for a bogus reason and you tell them no, I won't

Since when?

Does leaving a voicemail count as talking to someone? I get a call today and someone is sure I know all about what they are talking about, why do you ask? Because the dickwad that started the whole thing had told them I knew about it, because dickwad said he talked to me about it. Turns dickwad had left me a voicemail and thought that was the same as talking. Well, he can kiss my furry little butt for all I care. Voicemail is not the same as talking to someone. In talking to someone they have the chance to talk back, that would make it a conversation at that point. Things could get done, things could be accomplished. But nooooo, dickwad leaves me a voice mail and hangs me out. Voice mail is great to say" Hi, I called." nothing else. You can not pass the buck using voicemail, you can not blame someone else using voicemail. Don't wimper, whine, cry, get mad, talk on and on and on, or leave a to do list. Just ay "Hi, I called" and go away. There is a reason the

Give me your ales....

and no one gets hurt.

Why in the #$%^&* world you have a cell phone?

And Not turn it on.!!!!!! Just how the hell are people going to call you? This is my mother. She has a cell phone and tells everyone to call her, but never turns the damn thing on. I love my mother, however there are days when I would like to smack her up side the head. If I ever get that way my girls have permission to put me our of their misery. Today I was suppose to call my mother to go to lunch after the little one's fencing tournament. I tried calling her for 45 minutes and then gave up and came home. My mother calls me 2 hours later to see what is up and is mad that I did not wait around. she thinking. This is why furry little woodland creatures move away from their parents...far away.. Rant over. Here is a shot of my travel buddy from up North.. The Rogue Squirrel.

Funny Stuff.

These are actual "Personal Ads" in the Dublin News: Gotta love their moxie. Heavy drinker, 35, Cork Area. Seeks gorgeous sex addict interested in a man who loves his pints, cigarettes, Glasgow Celtic Football Club and has been known to start fights on Patrick Street at three o'clock in the morning. Bitter, disillusioned Dublin man, lately rejected by long-time fiancée, seeks decent, honest, reliable woman, if such a thing still exists in this cruel world of hatchet-faced bitches. Ginger haired Galway man, a troublemaker, gets slit-eyed and shorty after a few scoops, seeks attractive, wealthy lady for bail purposes, maybe more. Bad tempered, foul-mouthed old bastard, living in a damp cottage in the arse end of Roscommon, seeks attractive 21 year old blonde lady, with a lovely chest. Limerick man, 27, medium build, brown hair, blue eyes, seeks alibi for the night of February 27 between 8 PM and 11:30 PM. Optimistic Mayo man, 35, seeks a blon

Viva La Revolution!

I. We hold that beer is a superior beverage. II. We hold that beer is worthy of passion. III. We hold that beer enlivens spirits. IV. We hold that beer is not an abstraction but a concrete reality which occured in the past, occurs in this living present and will occur in the future. V. Beer is made from basic ingredients of water, malt, hops and yeast. VI. Beer occurs as a result of a naturally occuring process which can be adapted and reproduced by anyone. VII. Beer flavors occur as a result of radical discontinuity between the old existence of its ingredients and their new existence as beer. VIII. Beer thus obtains widely varying degrees of complexity based on its ingredients and the brewing process. IX. Some beer is produced and exchanged as a consumer good. X. Some beer is produced but consumed in the home. XI. Consumer tastes are widely varied. XII. Those that produce beer for sale too often hold their profits in greater regard than their product. XIII. Large scale brewers have ru

2700 miles in four days

Yes, that's right, Secret Squirrel and I made a drive from Washington to San Diego and back in less that four days. It took more that that amount of time to get the feeling back in my a$$ after that little stunt. What the frelling was I thinking? Highlight: I made it to the Rogue Pub in San Fran and met the founder of Rogue. And I had illusions of grandeur that I could sell Rogue Ales all day. I have been accused of using this job as an excuse to pub crawl my way around 15 states and 3 providence in Canada...ya duh. Lowlight: I had to deal with dickhead from the company I work for. I'll comment more on the trip later when I can sit down to type...

I need this car

I really need/want this car. So what if I have to sell everything. I can stop eating, that should save a few $$ here and there to make up for it. But, this is all I get. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.
I'm getting home sick.... .

And the road goes on

After 13 hours on the road, things started to look funny. .

How many miles to the next tree?

I could never live where there are no trees, I need trees that are at least 3 times my height and in groups of more than you can count. And palm trees do not count as they are nothing more than a bush on steroids. .
Standing on Holy ground..... .
Enjoying a few pints with a old friend of mine. Can someone get me a booster chair?.

Rogue Woodchuck

Screw the back seat driving. I'm taking control of the truck....Rogue Woodchuck on the advised... .

Getting Belted in

I wish he would just buy me a seat on the plane. Well at least I have my seat belt..... .

Give me the wheel!

Heading for San Diego and ended up in San Francisco at the Rogue Pub......Back seat drivers.... .