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My secretary seems to have a napping issue

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More Figs

Last of the pears... sort of like last of the summer wine.

But I'll do this just hanging in there.

Home cooked meal

Sometimes it's awesome just to eat at home.

Fig time

Gluten-free personal pan Dutch babies

I'm still tweaking the recipe just a hair, but getting there.  This seems to be coming a Sunday morning ritual.

Captain's Log

Captain's log, date unknown. Days and quarantine, unknown. All I know is even the cat is ready for me to get back to work.  I've been working from my home office now for almost a month and I am overall pretty happy with the setup. Lawn painting the temptation to take naps is a little overwhelming. And yes, I am considered an essential worker, but my boss is requested that I do not travel outside of my house.  I managed to only be required to go to the grocery store once a week for fresh fruits and vegetables. My travel only requires me to be in the store for 20 minutes or less. I have this down to a science with my trusty disinfectant wipes in hand. Unlike our commander-in-chief, I believe in science.

That's how i roll

Or at least I used to I am walking.